EZ-Roll Belt Conveyors

The EZ-Roll belt conveyor complements our line of chain and screw conveyors. This conveyor uses a system of spooled pulleys to act as troughing rollers for the belt. The belt is returned on a UHMW plastic bottom liner. An effective reloader is incorporated to bring spilled material back to the loaded side of the belt.

All bearings are external to the housing and are sized for extra long service life. The spool pulleys use easily removable stub shafts so that servicing clearances are kept to a minimum. Access doors are placed in the trough near the head and tail terminals. Each terminal has it’s own inspection door and the tail section includes a drop bottom cleanout.

The head pulley is lagged and the tail pulley is slatted. Both use tapered hubs for mounting. The tail takeup is 24" long to minimize re-splicing. We can provide self-contained drive packages. These usually use a shaft mounted reducer and belt drive.

Standard painted or optional galvanized construction is available. In addition to drives, other options include complete inlet assemblies, with or without gates, plug switches, bearing monitor provisions, belt alignment switches, tail shaft speed switch and made to order inlets and discharge transitions.

For many uses the EZ-ROLL Conveyor offers a low horsepower - low wear alternative. Its use is considered when the application requires:


1. The motor mount, drive mount, bearings, shaft and head pulley are mounted to a heavily reinforced, independent drive frame. The head pulley and shaft can be removed without structural disassembly. The discharge, hood and first trough section all bolt to this frame.

2. Lagged head pulley.

3. The hood has a full width inspection door and the entire hood is easily removed for access and troubleshooting.

4. All discharges are urethane lined and have provision for plug switches on both sides.

5. Fully adjustable and shimmed head shaft bearings.

6. Two screw 24" long takeup tail. Screws are accessed from the back and allow for 360° degree wrench swing. Support arms slide in UHMW guides. Oversize acme takeup screws are plated for rust resistance and run in a relubricateable brass nut.

7. An effective reloader is incorporated to bring spilled material back to the loaded side of the belt.

8. Self cleaning spiral tail pulley.

9. The tail pulley and shaft can be removed without structural disassembly.

10. A chained drop down door exposes the lower tail pulley area for inspection. A full width inspection door allows viewing of belt tracking and the reload area.

11. Fully adjustable and shimmed tail shaft bearings.

12. Trough bottom is lined with segments of Anti-Static UHMW. This minimizes contact with the return belt to help prevent freeze down. It uses our EZ-Glide system for mounting the UHMW to allow for movement due to thermal expansion and contraction.

13. “Tool-less” removal of the idler roller stub shafts.

14. Large inspection doors located at each side of the troughs adjacent to the head and tail section.

15. Continuous skirting is used when there are multiple inlets.

16. Provision for adjusting tracking at the idler pulleys.

Optional Heads for the Belt Conveyor.

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