SyncroSet® Distributor

  • Compact
    Takes a minimum amount of space
  • Wear resistant
    Spout is lined with high carbon steel to provide wearing qualities better than 3/16” steel plate
  • Unrestricted flow
    Only one bend is required from inlet to outlet
  • Conical Design
    Makes it ideal for outside installation
  • Dust-tight
    Material stays within the unit
  • Rigidly supported bottom
    Keeps it from bending under the weight of spouting and provides excellent hanging facilities
  • Positive locking
    Actually enters the revolving spout into the outbound duct so it cannot spill material into adjoining outlets
  • No adjusting
    Once installed, you are ready for years of trouble-free service
  • Self-cleaning
    Any dust laying on the floor of the unit is cleaned away each time the unit is operated. Indexing bearing has a spherical face to force away any material in its path.
Available in both Manaul and Electric Distributor Controls

  • 60 Degree Distributor
    The standard distributor’s inner spout and ducts are set to provide 45 degree flow path for the material. A taller distributor with a 60 degree flow path is available for handling materials such as feed. A 45 degree and 60 degree inner spouts are made oversize to ensure unrestricted flow of the material.

  • Flat Back Distributor
    Any style distributor can be made with a section of the round body cutaway. This enables you to position the distributor inlet up close to the discharge and trunking of a bucket elevator.

  • Fertilizer Distributor
    The description for a fertilizer distributor is the same as on our standard distributor except for the following additions:
    1. All parts that move against one another, to affect the rotation of the inner spout, are made of type 304 stainless steel. This consists of the inlet collar and the top of the inner spout. The door frame is also made from stainless steel.
    2. The shaft used for the lifting and rotating of the revolving spout is made from the stainless steel and slides and rotates inside a UHMW bearing plate.
    3. The SyncroSet indexing bearing is made of graphite impregnated, high-impact phenolic and rotates on a stainless steel bushing.
    4. Stainless steel operating cable is provided for 50 feet of remote operation.
    5. As an option, complete sandblasting and epoxy coating of the exterior and interior of the unit is available.

  • Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel Distributors
    Any style distributor can be ordered using either stainless steel (type 304 standard) or galvanized steel construction.

    10" - 42 Duct Stainless Steel Distributor

  • Heavy Duty
    On a heavy duty distributor, the inner spout is made with a removable urethane liner. The ducts are provided with a replaceable high carbon steel duct liner that just drops in place.

  • Overflow
    Material overflow can be handled by either a top-mounted overflow valve or by a built-in internal overflow on the bottom of the distributor.

  • Electrically Operated
    Electronic “EDI” Control is standard when ordering an electric Distributor. Limit switch option is also available for SyncroSet and SwingSet Distributors.

  • Dust Seals
    We can provide seals that seal off both the bottom and top of the inner spout. The standard style of bottom dust seal only seals around the duct being fed but a full bottom seal is available.

***Please have Model & Serial # available when calling a representative.***

EDI Distributor W/O Pedestal

Spout and Drive Assembly

EDI Distributor With Pedestal

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