RotarySet® Distributors

RotarySet Distributors are manufactured with single, double and triple spouts. Options include replaceable lining in the inner spouts and
ducts, electric operators and special flanging.

Easy installation and parts access was of primary concern in the design of this distributor. The design provides a weather and dust tight enclosure.

All distributors are fully assembled and operated in our plant. They may be split into sections as necessary for shipping and handling.

On manual units the spout locking mechanisms positively engage in laser cut indexing rings ensuring error free positioning and eliminates mixing between adjacent ducts.

On electric units an innovative Electronic Distributor Interface (EDI) Control is used with cold weather proximity sensors was developed to not only allow rapid field installation and reduced wiring costs but also to allow you to name and number spout positions in the field to match your specific bin layout.

Round flanged inlets and ducts (outlets) conform to standard spouting methods, ruling out the need for special transitions.

Numerous openings afford easy access to the inside for inspection and maintenance. All internal working parts may be removed with minimal disassembly. Lining or relining of ducts can be done in place.

The center pipe of the upper spout has a special double wall construction that prevents material contamination through the lower spout in the event that the upper spout wears a hole in the center pipe. Manual or electric controls Easy weather tight field assembly Single adjustment for each spout Ball bearing mountings for all spouts 52 degree feed models available Full capacity at all positions
Optional 100% overflow on all spouts
Painted, galvanized or stainless steel

Note: All Prices and dimensions are subject to change without notice. 16px;">

  • 45Þ Distributor
    This is the standard distributor supplied. it is used with whole grains, fertilizer and free flowing feed products.
  • 52Þ Distributor
    The 52 degree distributor is used whenever you have a sluggish products such as mixed feed with fat or molasses in it.
  • Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel Distributors
    Any style distributor can be ordered using either stainless steel (type 304 standard) or galvanized steel construction.
  • Standard Duty
    The inner spouts are lined on the bottoms and 3/4 up the sides with 3/16" A.R. steel. No liners in ducts.
  • Heavy Duty
    Includes all standard duty lining options plus the ducts are lined with 14 GA A.R. steel.
  • Extra Heavy Duty
    The inner spouts are lined on the bottoms and 3/4 up the sides with 1/4" Urethane. Ducts are fully lined with 1/4" Urethane.
  • Severe Duty
    Various lining materials available in customer specified ares.
  • Electrically Operated
    Electronic "EDI" Control options are shown in the EDI section
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